CNCF Webinar: Integrating multi-location ADC with Prometheus+Grafana

DevOps teams and SRES are increasingly using cloud native systems to visualize and monitor distributed, container-based application delivery controllers (ADCs) across multiple clouds and hybrid infrastructure.

Snapt Partner Program

The Snapt Partner Program has two simple objectives: accelerate growth and accelerate earnings, together.

Kubernetes In The Real World: using an ADC to reduce the complexity of Kubernetes adoption

Kubernetes is a powerful container orchestration technology that continues to grow in popularity with enterprise users. A recent survey conducted in 2019 by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation – the organization that governs Kubernetes development – reports that 78% of the respondents were using Kubernetes in production, compared with only 58% in 2018. This is real attention-getting growth. Obviously, with these sorts of numbers, more companies are going to jump on the bandwagon.

I'm using Envoy and Istio. Why do I need an ADC?

Key Takeaways

  • Using manual processes to monitor and control modern applications running at web-scale is an outdated approach to systems management.
  • Tools such as Envoy and Istio, which are designed to operate in modern digital infrastructures that are dynamic and ephemeral, provide many of the service management features that are needed to support applications that run in a cloud environment, but they have limits that need to be addressed.
  • Application Delivery Controllers provide a way to unify managing applications across multiple environments while also filling in the gaps left behind by routing controllers and service mesh technologies.
  • Snapt Nova takes ADC functionality to the next level by providing Availability, Security, Performance and Visibility, as well as centralized control enabling ADC instantiation, grouping, scaling and automation.

Rack Nation case study

Rack Nation uses the Load Balancer to reduce latency between users and their servers, greatly improving customer satisfaction.

Rack Nation is a Costa Rican data center, servicing businesses with a need for dynamic solutions in their IT environments.

Rack Nation is the result of over 13 years of experience in data centers. We are a group of IT professionals with broad experience in networking and systems development. In a market flooded with impersonal solutions, we strive to offer the best possible support for critical applications, in a friendly and professional environment with world-class monitoring and controls.

Balmain case study

Balmain NB Corporation chose Snapt to help with Load Balancing so they could utilize multiple mail servers simultaneously.

Balmain is a broad-based financial services organization, with activities spanning commercial mortgage finance (both arranging and lending) and investment funds management. Our skilled people and unique ability to access wholesale institutional funds, bank balance sheets, retail funds management and private markets both locally and overseas has enabled Balmain to provide a funding experience which cannot be matched.