ETR / Venn Market Overview: Application Delivery 2020

An interview with Snapt CEO Dave Blakey, providing detailed insight into the evolving ADC marketplace, comparing traditional load balancer offerings with the next generation of ADCs and how companies are moving towards multi-cloud portability, cloud agnosticism, Kubernetes, and the proliferation of DevOps.

Podcast: Snapt Talks With Customer CIM Inc


Podcast: Dave Blakey talks Nova with Running In Production

Reproduced courtesy of Running In Production.

Common Internet File System / Server Message Block (CIFS SMB)

Common Internet File System / Server Message Block is a protocol for sharing files, services and resources over a network.

Cross-Site Scripting

Cross-site scripting refers to the injection of malicious code into a trusted website for execution on client devices.

Asymmetric Deployment

An asymmetric deployment describes a network with a network gateway device at a single central location (usually within a data centre) to provide web traffic acceleration to connecting clients.

IT Services case study

Learn how Snapt ensures high availability for this Florida-based IT Services company who works with the 3 largest rail roads in the United States.

This Florida based IT Services company that provides rail industry solutions emphasizing innovative technology and quality customer service working as partners with their clients, which include the 4 largest railroads in the United States.

Burbank Australia case study

Snapt's ADC solution has helped this leading Australian construction company achieve high availability and improved performance.

Burbank has been building quality, award winning homes since 1983. They considered utilizing Citrix Netscaler before choosing Snapt’s ADC solution, as it offered superior pricing, great support and an easy to use product.

Klosterverwaltung Huysburg case study

Klosterverwaltung Huysburg is a German commercial company involved in hotel, property management and administration service organization.